Mac OS Mojave was released a few hours ago. People are usually very skeptical about Mac updated. I still meet good people who use older versions of this OS in their newer hardware only to avoid unwanted problems. I, on the other hand, always live in the bleeding edge. I feel really uncomfortable when there's an update and I am yet to install it.

Usually our our office tech-ops issue a warning email for everyone to wait a few days after a new version of mac is rolled out. If you have only one production computer, you should wait too. I wanted to be the volunteer to test it first and let others know if it is safe to install it.

I downloaded Mojave on my 2017 iMac 4K first.  But before installing, I did two things:

  1. I copied the installer in a portable storage so that I can use it in my others macs too.
  2. !(I took a time machine backup).

Installing Mojave was very straightforward. Nothing to mention here, except for the fact that it took a long time and I watched a TV show in the meantime.

When I was sure my iMac is working fine, I installed it on my 2015 MacBook Pro.

Mojave starts with a prompt where you can chose between dark or light mode. Many people liked the dark mode. I didn't like it, Specially the icons. Maybe because it's still infant and many application didn't develop for it yet.

The other notable change was about performance. Usually with new software update, older macs get slower. This update however, made my macs faster. I'm using it for more than 12 hours now and my observations are:

  1. The UI is now more polished, more transparency is used. Big fonts are bolder, small fonts are thinner.
  2. HomeBrew is working fine (You need to run xcode-select --install again and might have to reinstall some packages)
  3. New version of mac takes relatively less disk space.
  4. Mojave has better security, so apps like bartender, Alfred, will have to be re-authorised. They will guide you how yo do it.
  5. Docker is working fine.
  6. Some login apps will reset, so you need to check their "Open at login" checkbox again.
  7. iBooks was renamed Apple Books, and looks great.
  8. I became a great fan of the redesigned app store.
  9. You'll see some new built-in apps like Voice memo, Stocks, and Home. More OEM stuff to uninstall 😹
  10. No overheating, No app crashes or any problem whatsoever.
  11. VSCode is relatively slower, maybe because it's yet to be optimised for Mojave.

There's a strange pattern about mac: If your mac is too old or too young, new update is more likely to break yours. Both of my primary macs were mid-aged, so they worked just fine. But before installing, you might want to do little research to confirm new update works well on your mode.I tested on these two:

  1. iMac 4K 2017
  2. MacBook Pro 13 inch, Early 2015

I had a 11 inch 2011 MacBook Air that was ditched by apple 😢

Happy Updating 🤞🏼